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1-Butanol, titanium salt;Butyl titanate;Tetrabutyl titanate;titanic acid, tetrabutyl ester;1-butanol, titanium salt;butyl alcohol, titanium salt;butyl orthotitanate;butyl titanate monomer;butyl titanate
CAS : 5593-70-4
formula : C16H36O4Ti
molecular weight : 340.32
boiling point : 310-314 ° C
Chinese name : butyl titanate; 1-butanol titanium salt; tetrabutyl titanate

English title : 1-Butanol, Shenyang salt; butyl titanate; Tetrabutyl titanate; TITANIC acid, tetrabutyl ester; 1-butanol, Shenyang salt; butyl alcohol, titanium salt; butyl orthotitanate; Wastes butyl titanate; butyl titanate

traits Description : colorless to light yellow liquid. -55 ° C for glassy solid. Boiling Point 310-314 ° C and relative density of 0.996 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index 1.486, a flash point of 76 ° C. Derivatives can be dissolved in addition to most outside the organic solvent, water decomposition.

production methods : from titanium tetrachloride with the response generated from alcohol. 153kg of dry cold industrial benzene to 20 ° C, stirring joined 22.8kg titanium tetrachloride, a temperature not exceeding 45-50 ° C. BI increase until the temperature dropped to below 15 ° C to start the ammonia. At 20 ° C; When the pH of 9-10 Slowly add 32.5kg butanol, and continues to work with the ammonia around 1h to maintain pH 9-10. Continue stirring for 2 h, placed after filtration, washed with a small amount of benzene cake. Filtrate recycling benzene, filtering, in about 22-25kg crude. Vacuum distillation, collecting 195 ° C (1.33kPa.Conclusion fractions, namely titanium tetrabutoxide finished.

raw material consumption (kg / t), toluene (98%) 1,000 Titanium Tetrachloride (99%) are 1000 Alcohol (99%) 1400 liquid ammonia (industrial) 1000

purposes : for transesterification reaction coating can be applied to improve heat resistance (which can heat to 500 ° C), improved coating ; rubber and plastics on the metal surface adhesion, condensation is also used as a catalyst for cross-linking agent.

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More Detailed Data:
1) 1-Butanol, titanium(4+) salt;n-Butyl titanate;Titanium Butyrate;Tetrabutyl titanate;Butyl titanate
2) Tetrabutyl titanate
3) tetrabutoxy titanium;tetrabutyl titanate;titanium butoxide
4) tetrabutyl titanate;titanium(IV)n-butoxide;titanium tetrabutoxide
5) tetrabutyl titanate
6) tetrabutyl titanate
7) 1-Butanol, titanium salt, homopolymer;Poly(di-n-butoxy titanoxane);Titanium tetrabutylate polymer;1-butanol, titanium salt, homopolymer;poly(dibutyltitanate)
8) tetra-tert-Butyl titanate;tetra-tert-butyl orthotitanate;orthotitanic acid tetrakis-(tert-butyl)ester;Titanium-tert-butoxide
9) n-Butanol;Butyl alcohol;Propyl carbinol;1-Butanol;Butyric alcohol;1-Hydroxybutane;Butanol;n-Butyl alcohol
10) 1-Propanol, 2-methyl-, titanium salt;2-methyl-1-propano titanium salt;titanium tetraisobutanolate;tetraisobutyl titanate;orthotitanic acid tetraisobutyl ester;Titanium isobutoxide;1-Propanol,2-methyl-,titaniumsalt
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