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Molecular formula: C15H15CLFN3O3S2
molecular weight: 403.9
CAS of :117337-16-6

density: 0.43 (20 ° C) melting point
: 105.0 to 106.5 ° C
Vapor Pressure: 4.41E -7 (25 ° C)
toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): acute oral LD50: rats than 5,000, more than 2,250 ducks and quails. The rabbit eye and skin stimulation. Fish poisoning LC50 (96h, mg / L): Trout 0.004, 0.63 carp, bluegill 0.14. No teratogenicity, mutagenicity.
characters: the white powder-like solid.
dissolved: the water solubility of 0.85 (25 ° C distilled water, mg / L), 0.78 (pH 5 and pH 7), other solvents dissolved Reading (g / L, 25 ° C): 4.41 methanol, acetone 101, toluene 84, acetonitrile 68.7, 73.5 ethyl acetate, dichloromethane 9, 186 octane.
purposes: imide herbicides. For soybeans, corn with the emergence herbicide. Playing for the Main Control soybeans, corn broadleaf weeds, in particular the right are difficult to control broadleaf weeds have Zhuo Xiao, such as 2.5 ~ 10g (a.i.) / ha of TPA, Ma Qing, of Westerly, quinoa, led by the crack of the cattle, Yuan Ye affect cattle, Malaysia Polygonum, MA Tooth amaranth, and the fruit is excellent Sesbania activity. In 10g (a.i.) / ha over the right fan, Man Gyro, gill L. Nim, Solanum nigrum, ducks and also good control of the activity. 5 ~ 10g (a.i) / ha dose make a deal with stems and leaves of different growth period (~ 2 - Yunnan), Ma Qing, of Westerly, and quinoa are difficult to control broadleaf weeds excellent activity, its activity is better than grass trifluoromethyl carboxymethyl ether [560 (a.i.) / ha], ethyl chloride [sequentially (a.i.) / ha], Imazethapyr [70g (a.i.) / ha], Bentazon [1120g (a.i.) / ha], thiadiazole-methyl [DPX-M6316 , 3.4g (a.i.) / ha]. If the above herbicide mixtures can not only expand the spectrum herbicide. Also further enhance the broad-leaved weeds such as quinoa, and the control release cocklebur fruit. The soybean and corn very safe. Due to the use of fluoride thiadiazole B grass seedlings for pre-treatment, even in the super-dose [120g (a.i.) / ha]. Right after the crop without adverse effects. Moreover, the volume low, the environmental safety.
preparation or sources: neighbors fluoride aniline as starting the original cases. The acyl chloride system in the intermediate 4 - chlorine -2 - Fluoride acetanilide; And chlorosulfonic acid reaction after reduction, hydrolysis in the intermediate replaced thiophenol; Again the ether, made Thio isocyanates; Finally hydrazine and condensation, and phosgene, in a ring compounds.
Note: lgP distribution coefficient = 3.77. Light Stability: half-life of 4.92d. Mechanism: Protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitor. Sensitive role in the rapid leaf weeds, cause accumulation of protoporphyrin, membrane lipid peroxidation increases. Leading weeds sensitive cell membrane structure and function of irreversible damage. Often 24 to 48 hours a dry leaf spot symptoms.
categories: herbicide

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