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Molecular formula :

nature : composite material contained within the tiny hollow, the composite material to the existence of the gap is inevitable, composite materials caused internal voids are three reasons : chemical reaction mixture of air bubbles can not be excluded when curing; Anti-chemical should the process of escaping from low molecular weight, which can not be quickly dumped; Curing pressure right time, resulting in great loss of resin to form the hole. Prepreg Materials containing solvents can not be ignored reasons. According to the existing international standards for the structure of the main pieces of composite materials, its biggest gap in the limit of 2%. The gap in the availability of low-composite material is based compression molding of polymer chemistry and the production of composite prepreg material as possible when using non - solvent (such as laminate law or electrostatic powder), and select the best compression standard curing. Composite materials testing the internal voids in nondestructive testing methods are mainly soft X-ray and ultrasonic C-scan method.

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