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ion exchange membrane
Molecular formula :

nature : an ion-containing group, the right solution Lane ion with the ability to choose polymer membrane. Because the general application of it is mainly the use of ion-selective through sex, also known as ion selective membrane. Ion exchange membrane according to the functions and structure of the different, can be divided into cation exchange membrane, and anion-exchange membrane, gender-exchange membrane and ion exchange membrane inlay and polyelectrolyte complexes membrane five types. By membrane structure or ion exchange membrane active groups in the distribution, can be divided into different membrane, the membrane homogeneous and heterogeneous membrane-three. The thickness of thin films, such as the different phases of the dry film thickness of about 0.4mm. Ion exchange membrane chemical properties for stability and not dissolved in acid, alkali and most solvent, use of treated, can restore the exchange of properties. The ion exchange membrane structure and the same ion-exchange resins, but for the film form. Ion exchange membrane assembly and electrodialysis for the bitter and salty water and desalination of sea water, wastewater treatment and the concentration of salt solution. It can also be used to soften water purification, glycerin, polyethylene glycol of desalting, separation of various ions with radioactive elements, isotopes, such as amino acids Fractionation. In addition, organic and inorganic compounds in purified, the atomic energy industry's radioactive waste handling and preparation of nuclear fuel and fuel cell membrane and ion-selective electrode recovery purification and antibiotics are used ion-exchange membrane.

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More Detailed Data:
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