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chain reaction
Molecular formula :

nature : in some chemical reaction system, there is a high activity of the intermediate particles such as free radicals, free atoms, and their system of stable molecular reaction, not only to stabilize the molecules undergo chemical changes, but the old intermediate particle activity disappeared at the same time generate new activity intermediate particle. Through the activity of intermediate particle repeatedly promote renewable chain reaction like the same one to another aspect to carry on such a chemical reaction known as the chain reaction, is called a chain reaction. Its activity chain called intermediate vector (carrier chain). Chain Reaction Course (chain reaction mechanism) typically includes chain triggered the chain continued, chain termination of the three steps. Chain trigger system is the first generation chain vector of steps; Continuous chain is a chain vector system with the phase reactant molecules, while the old vector chain disappear, the new generation of carrier chain steps; Chain termination of extinction is a chain carrier rather than generating steps. Many chemical reactions such as HCl gas formation reaction, some hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ethers the thermal decomposition reaction, ethylene polymerization category Addition chain reaction is a case in point.

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