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Molecular formula :

nature : also known as polycrystalline change. The same substances as the ambient temperature changes, material crystal structure corresponding changes in the phenomenon. Crystal called the change of temperature change, that is transforming point. Crystal changes can be divided into reversible and irreversible change two categories. There are rapid changes (that is displacement-type) and slow changes (that is, bond breaking recombinant) sector. As different crystal proportion of different particles with different internal and crystal volume changes associated with changes in the rate of change and conductive heat capacity changes, which occur on the production technology and materials used have a major impact. For example, beta alpha quartz ??quartz in the 573 ° C when rapid change, and quartz, quartz and scales between the quartz side change is slowly changing. Again ZrO2 monoclinic ??change between the Quartet in 1170 ° Cfast, accompanied by significant changes in size, heating contraction and expansion cooling, two crystal can be repeated instantaneous change, the use of polycrystalline changing phenomenon of micro-cracks can be Ceramics increase their toughness purposes.

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