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hexamethylenediamine tetra(methylenephosphonic acid);HDTMP
Molecular formula :

nature : solid white. By Hexanediamine, phosphorous acids and formaldehyde molar ratio to 1 : 2 prepared by the reaction. For more price chelator, colloidal stabilizer, water medium of metal corrosion inhibitor in industrial water treatment for the corrosion inhibitor.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Hexamethylenediamine tetra(methylene phosphonic acid) hexapotassium salt;K6HDTMP;HDTMP hexapotassium salt
2) Phosphoric acid, trimethyl ester;TMP;Trimethyl phosphate;o,o,o-trimethyl phosphate;trimethoxyphosphine oxide;trimethylfosfat
3) trimethoprim;methoxybenzyl aminopyrimidine;TMP
4) TMP;Trimethyl phosphate
5) TMP;Trimethylolpropane
6) thermo-mechanical pulp;TMP
7) TMP
8) 1,6-Hexanediamine;1,6-Diaminohexane;Hexamethylene diamine;1,6-Hexamethylenediamine;1,6-diamino-n-hexane;1,6-hexylenediamine;hexamethylenediamine;1,6-diamino-hexan;hmda;1,6-Hexane diamine;hexamethylenediamine(1,6-hexanediamine);hexamethylenediamine,solid;hexamethylenediamine,solution
9) thermal deformation temperature;heat distortion temperature;HDT
10) l,6-hexanediamine;hexamethylenediamine;1,6-diaminohexane
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