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active agent;activation
Molecular formula :

nature : (1) Pharmacy flotation agent to adjust one. For the mineral surface by changing the chemical composition of the elimination inhibitors, which are easily adsorption collector. Ethylenediamine as phosphorylation, phosphorylation propanediamine, xylene, sodium fluoride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ferrous sulfate, ammonium hydroxide, etc.. (2) increases by PdCl2 2H2O complexing agent, stabilizer component. Low palladium content, acidity small, good stability. Operating temperature of 15 to 32 ° C, dipping 3 ~ 7min. Copper for PCB chemical pre-treatment system operation. (3) assigned to compound after the promoter activity increased, thereby reducing the dose or for shortening the vulcanization time the material. Sometimes also called for agents. By adding a small amount of active agent can greatly increase the vulcanized rubber degrees and heat resistance. Effects of inorganic and organic-two. Effects of the major inorganic metal oxide, zinc oxide and zinc oxide activity of the most important. While organic active agents represented stearate. Large amount of fatty acids will reduce the curing speed, but will sulfide relatively full, and heat resistance can be a good cross-linked structure.

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More Detailed Data:
1) activation
2) activator;active agent
3) activation
4) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
5) activation
6) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
7) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
8) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
9) activator;activating agent
10) Activator
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