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Molecular formula :

nature : (a) In virtually all eukaryotic cells (RBC addition to mammals and plants Screen modules) can be seen in the central cell. It contains genetic information (genetic material) in the form of DNA. When cell division, DNA will be organized into the chromosomes can be seen, and go without splitting cells, can not separate out chromosome, the only manifestation of chromatin. Nuclei are generally 2 to 8 µ m wide, a double membrane, surrounded 8 nm thickness library, a separate space nuclear weeks. The space also extends to the endoplasmic reticulum cavity. Wearing a membrane on the nuclear pores. Many of the fungi and lower plants, the nuclear membrane in the division still intact; In higher organisms, the membrane will crack a leash around and re-formed nuclear son. The nuclear membrane of the nuclear quality, quality containing nuclear chromatin and the nucleolus. Nucleolus is Ribosomal RNA synthesis and predecessor 45sRNA tRNA methylation place. Some protozoa with two nuclear-type : one is polyploid nucleus, containing the majority of DNA and nucleolus; A small nucleus, in the role at the interface. (2) atom at the center, containing protons and neutrons. (3) organic compounds Central structure.

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More Detailed Data:
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7) cell nucleus
8) atomic nucleus
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10) recoil nucleus
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