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Molecular formula :

nature : the molecular organic compounds, by C-C single-button while rotating the atom or group in the space with the myriad specific image as conformation, by C-C single-spin turn the rotary isomers called isomers or conformational isomer. If 1,2-dichloroethane, when the C-C single-button rotation, will have numerous conformational isomer, limit conformation with a stack, Shun wrong, wrong and anti-anti-Permian so. The conformation with redundancy, connecting on two carbon atoms of chlorine and hydrogen atoms between nearest and produce a strong rejection, within the maximum, which is the most unstable molecular conformation; The anti-Permian conformation, chlorine atoms and hydrogen atoms are among the farthest, the youngest among discouraging, to be able to minimize the points son of the most stable conformation. Shun wrong and anti-hamartoma as the stability between the two conformation between them in order of stability : Anti-Permian> Shun wrong> wrong-> Shun Permian. The molecular conformation of isomers is not evenly distributed, at room temperature always with the most stable conformation as the main form, the existence of conformational advantage, if deviated from the dominant conformation will have to reverse the tension. Adjacent carbon atoms optimum group (or atom), the angle between said torsion angle (torsion angle, also known as the dihedral angle), various limits conformation and reverse angle as shown in the figure (Figure Reserved). Various conformational isomer into each other, we must overcome the tension generated by the reverse can, generally 12 to ?mol-1. At room temperature molecular collisions can produce 84kJ mol-1 energy, therefore, difficult at room temperature for separation of these conformational isomer.

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