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polymeric chelant;polymeric chelating agent
Molecular formula :

nature : a class structure of chelating polymers, its structure can be sequestered at the polymer main chain, known as the polymer main chain-chelating agents; Also at the polymer side chain, known as the side-chain polymers chelator. Chelating agents from the source of division, there are natural and synthetic polymer chelator polymer chelator. Polymer chelators on different valence, different geometry of metal ion selective formation of chelate capacity. The main chain or the side chain chelate metal ions containing polymer formed two ways : First, by the polymer ligands and metal ions; Two of small molecule type chelating ligand Nie and metal ions to form coordination. This polymer with high temperatures, radiation resistance, photoelectric activity, such as catalytic activity. Polymer chelating agents often as selective adsorption of metal ion polymer materials for precious metals recovery and separation.

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