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Molecular formula :

nature : hydrolyzed protein peptide bond of a type of enzyme known. According to the hydrolysis of peptide, can be divided into endopeptidase and two outside endopeptidase. Endopeptidase of protein molecules within the cut, the formation of smaller molecular weight and show peptone. Outside the enzyme protein molecules from the free amino or carboxyl terminal of each of hydrolysis of peptide bonds on January 1, and free amino acids out for the former aminopeptidase latter CARBOXYPEPTIDASE. According to Active and optimum pH, can be divided into serine proteinase cathepsin, cysteine proteinase, metalloproteinases and acidic protease. According to The optimum pH value, acidic, neutral and alkaline protease. Industrial production use of protease, mainly endopeptidase. Protease widespread in the animal intestines, stems and leaves of plants, fruit and microbes. Microbial protease, mainly by the fungus, bacteria, yeast from Secondly, actinomycosis production. Protease has been widely applied in leather, fur, silk, medicine, food, brewing and so on.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Protease
2) Protease
3) Protease
4) proteinase
5) mold protease;mycproteinase
6) metalloprotease
7) staphylococcus protease
8) Proteinase, streptomyces griseus;Pronase;Proteline;s. Griseus protease;s. Griseus proteinase;Streptomyces griseus protease;Streptomyces griseus proteinase;pronase f. streptomyces griseus
9) Chymotrypsin
10) Chymotrypsin
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2) Dental floss
3) Hook and loop fastener for flat materials
4) Device for playing wheelchair football
5) Magic health bead hoola-hoop
6) Massage vibrator for the relief of aches and pain
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8) Personal care compositions containing active proteins tethered to water insoluble substrate
9) Compositions for oral cavity
10) Personal care compositions contaiing subtilisim enzymes bound to water insoluble substrates