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accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
Molecular formula :

nature : (1) in the rubber industry, vulcanization accelerator called accelerator. Referring to promote the role of sulfide material. (2) in the plastic industry, refers to promote plastination substances. For example, ammonium chloride, β - chloroethyl urea (C1CH2CH2NHCONH2) can promote aminoplastics powder sclerosis. (3) In the construction industry, refers to promote burning plaster and concrete as the material solidified. If potassium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium carbonate, calcium chloride and three other ethanolamine.

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More Detailed Data:
1) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
2) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
3) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
4) accelerating agent
5) promoter;promotor
6) accelerator
7) accelerator
8) active agent;activation
9) accelerator
10) cure accelerator
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