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Molecular formula :

nature : from living cells, biochemical reaction with a catalyst proteins. Enzyme molecular weight of about 10,000 of ~ 1 million more. Played by the enzyme by catalytic reaction classification and naming. Enzymes can be divided into oxidoreductase, transferase and hydrolase, lyase, isomerase and ligase six categories, enzyme treatment for the disease, sterilization, anticoagulation and wound healing and treatment of genetic disease. Industrial compounds for Preparation, leather, textile and food (beer, wine, bread, cheese) manufacturing.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) enzyme
2) coenzyme
3) coenzyme
4) holoenzyme
5) zymogen;proenzyme;preferment;enzyme precursor
6) exoenzyme;extracellular enzyme
7) isozyme;isoenzyme
8) exoenzyme
9) isoenzyme
10) zymogen;proferment;pre-enzyme
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