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Molecular formula :

nature : 4-mercapto-MTX in : yellow crystals, in the 200 ° C decomposition; Its Derivatives : 4-methylthio-MTX in, the melting point of 190 ° C; Both can be used RANEY Nickel (R)] desulfurization. 7-mercapto - Pteridine : red needle-like crystals, 260 ° C above the decomposition. 4-mercapto-7-methyl Pteridine, the decomposition above 300 ° C, methyl available after 4-methylthio-7-methyl Pteridine (melting point of 187 ~ 188 ° C). These compounds may be corresponding hydroxy Pteridine and phosphorous pentasulphide activity. Sulfhydryl or replaced by the 4,5-Diamino reaction with glyoxal admission. As sulfur group easily by other groups as the replacement, sulfhydryl Pteridine category is the synthesis intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) pteridine
2) mercapto group
3) sulfhydryl(group);mercapto-group
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