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Molecular formula :

nature : It is more common in the list are as follows. 2-mercapto - quinazolin, melting point of 229 ° C to 231. 4-mercapto - quinazolin, melting point 329 ° C (decomposition); And the reaction of ammonia, to be 4-amino quinazolines; By nitrogen tetroxide oxidation into quinazolin-4-sulfonic acid (melting point> 320 ° C). By corresponding chloro quinazolin sulfur and hydrogen from the reaction of sodium, 4-mercapto - quinazolin also from 4-hydroxy-quinazolin with phosphorus pentasulfide Preparation. Reagents for Organic Synthesis.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Quinazolines
2) mercapto group
3) sulfhydryl(group);mercapto-group
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