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alkyne coordination compounds
Molecular formula :

nature : the transition-metal centers, alkyne for ligand (alkyne π electronic keys to the donor) formation of coordination compounds. Alkyne π available with a metal atoms are also available with 2 π metal atoms are formed single-propargyl-nuclear, single-core alkyne, polyacetylenes monocytes (or review) coordination compounds. Alkyne ligand easily nucleophile reaction was offensive. Such compounds can be prepared directly alkyne. Also available demethanizing Preparation. Compounds such as alkynes Central oligomeric intermediates or the reagents used as a synthesis of a number of organic compounds, such as (triphenylphosphine) - π-6 fluoride butynyl -2-platinum (O) and trifluoroacetic acid reaction can be used to double (triphenylphosphine) Hexafluoropropylene butenyl trifluoroacetic acid-platinum (II ).

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