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barium myristate
Molecular formula :

nature : the white crystalline powder. Do not dissolve in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, ether-soluble. By nutmeg and barium chloride sodium soap solution prepared by the reaction. Lauric acid barium primarily used indiscriminately.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Tetradecanoic acid, barium salt;Barium myristate;Barium tetradecanoate
2) Tetradecanoic acid;n-Myristic acid;1-tridecanecarboxylic acid;acide myristique;acide tetradecanoique;crodacid
3) Tetradecanoic acid;n-Myristic acid;Myristic acid
4) myristic acid;tetradecanoic acid
5) tetradecenoic acid;myristoleic acid
6) myristic acid;tetradecanoic acid
7) Tetradecanoic acid;1-Tridecanecarboxylic acid;n-Tetradecanoic acid;Myristic acid
8) myristic acid;tetradecanoic acid
9) Nutmeg
10) Barium;bario (spanish);baryum (french)
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