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Molecular formula :

nature : to regulate and control activities of life. General information can be divided into genetic, neurological and sensory information, chemical information. The genetic information in the form of passwords stored in the DNA molecule, DNA replication transmitted to the offspring. In the process of growth and development of future generations, the genetic information from DNA to RNA transcription, after translation into proteins specific to the implementation of various life functions. Nerve, and sensory information on electrical pulse and neurotransmitters carry and transmit. Nervous system to accept the internal and external environment of information, processing, regulation and control of all parts of the body function. Chemical Information In addition to the above two categories of substances by chemical messages of the media. The various organisms function in an orderly way, the environment will react in a timely manner due to the existence of organisms through a variety of chemical elements pass information to the information system. Biological information on the biological tenon the survival, reproduction has an important role to play, it is material, energy together constitute organisms into three major factors.

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