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Molecular formula :

nature : alpha, beta and gamma isomer three. Α-, and the melting point of 135 ° C, and the second Picrates melting point of 278 ° C, two nitroso derivative melting point of 168 ° C. Β-, temperature 95 ° C, and the second Picrates melting point of 252 ° C, two nitroso derivative melting point of 183 ° C. Γ-, temperature 62 ° C, and the second Picrates melting point of 242 ° C, 2-nitro derivatives 107 ° C By S-8 Hydrogen Phenazine catalytic reduction system for admission. For organic synthesis.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Phenazine;Dibenzopyrazine
2) phenazine;dibenzopyrazine
3) phenazine
4) phenazine
5) Phenoxazine
6) azine
7) azine
8) azine
9) Phenazine oxide;Phenazin
10) phenazine oxide;Phenazin
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