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Molecular formula :

nature : it refers to support another life (which may be parasitic) growth of organisms.

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More Detailed Data:
1) host
2) host
3) Sulfathiazole;ST
4) ghost
5) host cell
6) host restriction
7) sterigmatocystin;ST
8) ST
9) n(sup 1)-2-thiazolyl-sulfanilamid
10) sulfathiazole;ST
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1) Selective operation of a multi-state non-volatile memory system in a binary mode
2) Background operation for memory cells
3) Concept for a secure data communication between electronic devices
4) Process relating to polymers
5) Conductive materials with electrical stability for use in electronics devices
6) Three phase system with controlled switching of a load network to a three phase power supply
7) Keypad for a communication terminal
8) Power source apparatus
9) Image display apparatus
10) Method and apparatus for producing uniform process rates