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carboxylic acids
Molecular formula :

nature : a type of formula RCOOH or R (COOH) n compounds, R-alkyl-fat or arene-called, fat (tribe) Aromatic acid or (tribe) acid. According to the carboxyl group can be divided into the number one yuan acid, multi-dicarboxylic acid with acid. Acidic and alkali salt. General and phosphorus trichloride reaction as chloride; Phosphorus pentoxide with dehydration, generating anhydride; The acid catalyzed reaction with alcohol ester formation; With ammonia produced by the reaction of acrylamide; With four lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) to reinstate the alcohol production. May alcohols, aldehydes, unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic side chains such as oxidation, hydrolysis or nitrile, or Grignard reagents and reaction methods such as dry ice from the system. Using animals and plants from the oil or wax for saponification, available from 6 to 18 carbon atoms in the straight-chain fatty (tribe) acid.

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More Detailed Data:
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