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C.I. Direct Yellow 9;Titan Yellow
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as the dawn yellow; Thiazole Huang [Thiazol (e) Yel-low]; Mr Clayton (Clayton Yellow ®); CI direct Huang 9 (C. I. Direct Yellow 9). Yellow light brown powder. Dissolved in water and alcohol into dirty solution; Dissolved sodium hydroxide solution was red brown. Preservation should be dark. 2 - (p) - 6-methyl-7-benzothiazolyl acid (also known as "Thio dehydrogenation of toluidine acid") for the preparation of raw materials. Identification of magnesium reagents; Biochemical colorings; Indicator pH (pH 11.0 ~ Huang Hung pH 13.0); Fluorescence microscopy colorings; Silk, cotton and rayon dye.

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More Detailed Data:
1) 7-Benzothiazolesulfonic acid, 2,2'-(1-triazene-1,3-diyldi-4,1-phenylene)bis(6-methyl-, disodium salt
2) nickel titanate yellow
3) C.I.11020;Oil Yellow;C.I.Solvent Yellow 2;p-dimethylaminoazobenzene;butter yellow;methyl yellow
4) Oil Yellow;C.I.Solvent Yellow2
5) zinc yellow;zinc chrome
6) zinc yellow;zinc chrome
7) Chromate, hydroxyoctaoxodizincatedi-, potassium;chromic acid, potassium zinc salt (2:2:1);potassium zinc chromate hydroxide;zinc chromates;zinc yellow;potassiumzincchromate;zinc potassium chromate 6;Chromate,hydroxyoctaoxodizincatedi-,potassium
8) 2,2'-[(3,3'-dichloro[1,1'-biphenyl]-4,4'-diyl)bis(azo)]bis[N-(2-methylphenyl)]-3-oxo-Butanamide;aaot yellow;benzidine yellow aaot;benzidine yellow abz 249;benzidine yellow g;benzidine yellow ggt;benzidine yellow l
9) Thiazole
10) thiazole
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