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titanic acid
Molecular formula : H4TiO4 [TiO2 xH2O or Ti (OH ) 4)]

nature : solid white powder. Gender compounds. Dissolved inorganic acid and alkali. Do not dissolve in water, and alkali reaction can lead to partial alkali metal Titanate hydrate. Titanate by hydrochloric acid solution and the role after ammonia sulfate concentration on the drying derived. For Mordant, such as titanium dioxide system.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) metatitanic acid;titanic acid
2) metatitanic acid;titanic acid
3) Titanate
4) hexafluoro-, dihydrogen, (OC-6-11)-Titanate;Titanate, hexafluoro-, dihydrogen;dihydrogen, (oc-6-11)-titanate(2-hexafluoro-;hexafluorotitanic acid;hexafluorotitanic acid,solution
5) Lead titanate;Lead titanium oxide;titanic acid, lead salt;lead titanium oxide
6) acid
7) acid
8) 1-Butanol, titanium salt;Butyl titanate;Tetrabutyl titanate;titanic acid, tetrabutyl ester;1-butanol, titanium salt;butyl alcohol, titanium salt;butyl orthotitanate;butyl titanate monomer;butyl titanate
9) metatitanic
10) Titanium;Titanium, powder
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