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Molecular formula :

nature : adriamycin also known as Thai music. By Streptomyces Streptornyces fradiae of 16 yuan ring macrolide antibiotics. Melting point of 128 ~ 132 ° C, tartrate salt melting point of 140 ° C to 146. Polarimetry -46 ° (c = 2, methanol). Soluble lower alcohols, ketones, esters, ether and benzene, slightly soluble in water and aqueous solution at pH 4 to 9:00 stability. Erythromycin antibacterial spectrum and the same, supporters antibacterial effect. The main right Gram positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria effectively, but also inhibit spirochete and protozoa. Often animals as medicine for livestock various bacterial infections. In recent years a large number of structural modification.

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1) tylosin
2) Tylosin
3) Tylosin Tartrate
4) Tylosin Phosphate;Tylan
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