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Molecular formula :

nature : In mathematical logic, Proposition analysis of the internal structure with a subject and predicate logic forms, with the English expression similar to the subject and predicate. PROLOG language every phrase with a predicate beginning predicate language daily equivalent of predicate. Its logical structure largely rooted in the predicate logic (or Appellation calculus). Predicate internal predicate and two user-defined predicate.

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1) Transmission and reception apparatus, receiver, and reproduction method
2) Data recording apparatus and data recording method
3) Method and apparatus for determining entry points
4) Minimizing buffer requirements in a digital video system
5) Method of processing subtitle stream, reproducing apparatus and information storage medium thereof
6) Image processor
7) Moving picture processing apparatus
8) Video player and video playing method
9) Method of video information transmission, as well as an information carrier, a device for receiving and a device for transmitting video information
10) Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-play for digital video bitstream