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freeboard of fluidized bed
Molecular formula :

nature : fluidization generally refers to the fluidized bed operation in the surface layer, the bubble bursting, solid particles into the upper space. This dense fluidized bed in the above created the particle density with a high rise and gradually lower the dilute phase. Raising gas velocity, then the whole dilute phase of the particle density has been increased. Long time, the dilute phase only be seen as isolated particle entrainment region. In recent years, researchers found that the reaction rate constant is a ~ 5s - 1 to 20-30s-1 within the scope of a response, the dilute phase catalytic reaction in the region is very obvious.

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More Detailed Data:
1) boiling bed;fluidized bed;fluidized layer
2) lean phase
3) dilute phase
4) boiling-bed;fluidized bed;fluidized layer
5) freeboard
6) fluid
7) paper board;board
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