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pneumatic transport in dilute phase
Molecular formula :

nature : in the pipeline velocity particle velocity is much higher than under the conditions of solid particles in the air transportation for the process known as Lean Transportation. Then the pipeline Voidage generally above 0.95. Dilute delivery devices can be divided into pressure to attract - and-send two. The quality of the air units can transport as the quality of materials than μ 0 mixed. The general chosen a hybrid than coverage : inhaled : low vacuum μ 01 ~ 8; High vacuum μ 08 ~ 20. Send-pressure and low-pressure 0 μ = 1 to 10; Hyperbaric 0 μ = 10 ~ 40. Pipeline under the speed of the airflow characteristics of the material and the complexity of pipelines generally selected for the terminal velocity of particles several times or more. Lean Transportation used to deliver cement, plastic powder, grain, coal, ore and other bulk materials.

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