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Molecular formula :

nature : those containing a Schiff base structure (-CR = NR) polymer chelator. Including the polymer main chain - Schiff base and the side chain - Schiff base. Common main chain Schiff base-chelating agent is more below, the structure of metal-chelating timely ring on the phenolic hydroxyl oxygen atoms are often involved in coordination, coordination constitute four chelates. For most of their transition metal ion complexation were better. Usually, two salicylaldehyde derivatives with aliphatic or aromatic diamine polycondensation Preparation. Not phenolic hydroxyl side-chain-type price chelates of two copper and cobalt ions are highly complex role. Polymer Schiff base metal ion chelate generally has sharp colors, but more with the semiconductor nature.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polymeric chelant;polymeric chelating agent
2) chelant;chelating agent
3) mutidentate ligand;chelating agent
4) imines
5) macromolecule;polymer
6) mixture;mist (ure)
7) polymer
8) polymer;macromolecular compound
9) polymer
10) molecule
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