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Molecular formula :

nature : along elliptical orbit around the sun to the public a small solid objects. Most asteroids located in Mars orbit between Jupiter and the asteroid belt. Have observed and calculated the orbit of the planet is more than 5,000 generals, one of the largest asteroid Ceres, about 1000km in diameter, about 1.2 × quality 1024g. Many asteroids in the shape of irregular, and some asteroids have its own satellites. Compared planets, asteroids preserved the relics of the early evolution of the origin of the solar system is of great significance. Based on the physical properties of asteroids observed data can be divided into C, S, M, E, R and U classes.

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1) steroid
2) euphorbiasteroid;epoxylathyrol
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1) Joint connector for fixing assembly rails
2) Assembly system for synchronizing devices in a gearbox
3) Braking mechanism for winding engine
4) Spring member for rotational action
5) Transmission with belt elements, especially for the transmission of force between two pairs of conical disks of the transmission
6) Chain link for a power transmission chain at least partly embodied from recyclable material, method for production thereof, power transmission chain
7) Solenoid valve
8) Valve
9) Rotary joint
10) Hose clamping device