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small reciprocating compressor
Molecular formula :

nature : in a displacement from 10m3/min the piston compressor. - A perspective, Vertical, Horizontal general, which point to the V-type, W-majority; Cooling air and water have to air-cooled more; A mobile and fixed-to-mobile majority; Most are single-crosshead role structure, small high speed, small size , light weight, simple repair operation. The most widely used for mobile air compressors, construction and mining were used to promote various campus, exhaust pressure for more 0.785MPa (8kgf/cm2). Other oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia gas, LPG, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other chemical ethylene gas compressors, most of the water-cooled.

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1) compressor
2) compressor
3) reciprocating compressor;piston compressor
4) reciprocating compressor;piston compressor
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