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corticotrophin-zinc hydroxide;ACTH-Zn
Molecular formula :

nature : zinc hydroxide, also called corticotropin, long-term corticotropin. Refined by corticotropin adsorption of zinc hydroxide generated from the suspension, pH 7 to 8. 2 ~ 10 ° C storage may remain active for more than two years. Because of the combination of hydrogen and oxygen containing zinc can inhibit the body-right corticotropin the hydrolysis significantly slow down the body of corticotropin the absorption rate, and effective role with the extension. See corticotropin.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Long-term-promoting cortex
2) acethropan;acortan;acorto;acth;acthar;acton;actonar;adrenal cortex hormone;adrenocorticotrophic hormone;adrenocorticotrophin;adrenocorticotropic hormone;adrenocorticotropin
3) Adrenocorticortopic hormone;Corticortopin;Corticotropin;ACTH
4) adrenocorticotropic hormone;corti-cotrop(h)in;ACTH
5) zinc hydroxide
6) zinc hydroxide
7) zinc hydroxide
8) zinc hydroxide
9) corticotrophin-zinc phosphate;ACTH-zinc phosphate
10) -Promoting cortex
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