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nature : the word information in different areas have different meanings : the scientific, cultural, and educational fields is obtained by means of new knowledge in the field of communications and computer means and data signals in information retrieval and information dissemination area is intelligence and news. In science and technology, a broad sense, refers to the experimental data, the signal which contains the significance, as processing can be accepted by the people of knowledge. From the perspective of information theory, information is to see things "uncertainty" decline. This "uncertainty" and the incident occurred at a state all possible, but also the probability of each of the state. The incident occurred at a smaller probability that people are aware of the incident contained in the "uncertainty" is, the occurrence of such incidents more information. The rare incident, in the event, certainly alarming! P = probability for a set of events, uncertainties 0, the occurrence of such incidents not to bring any information. Information derived from material and energy are closely related, but it does not matter and energy itself. Information can be identified, testing, storage, transmission, display, record and reproduction.

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