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thermo-mechanical pulp;TMP
Molecular formula :

nature : preheating also known as wood pulp mill. Wash the film, after a short period of time preheating (above 100 ° C) and then the atmospheric pressure or under-used Mill obtained from the pulp. With other mechanical pulp, compared with intensity, low fiber content of the beam characteristics. Fiber deficiency is more Ting Ying, the combination of poor, and production of high energy consumption. Runnability used newsprint and low-grade printing paper and medium-quality coated paper.

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More Detailed Data:
1) TMP;Trimethylolpropane
2) TMP;Trimethyl phosphate
3) TMP
4) Phosphoric acid, trimethyl ester;TMP;Trimethyl phosphate;o,o,o-trimethyl phosphate;trimethoxyphosphine oxide;trimethylfosfat
5) trimethoprim;methoxybenzyl aminopyrimidine;TMP
6) mechanical pulp;MP
7) chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp;CTMP
8) ground wood pulp;mechanical pulp;GW
9) mechanical pulp
10) nitrilotris(methylenephosphonic acid);ATMP
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