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Molecular formula:
molecular weight:

nature: see trimethoprim.

Notice:Each item can have many explanations from different angels. If you want grasp the item comprehensively,please see below "more details data".
Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) TMP;Trimethyl phosphate
2) TMP;Trimethylolpropane
3) thermo-mechanical pulp;TMP
4) Phosphoric acid, trimethyl ester;TMP;Trimethyl phosphate;o,o,o-trimethyl phosphate;trimethoxyphosphine oxide;trimethylfosfat
5) trimethoprim;methoxybenzyl aminopyrimidine;TMP
6) HTMP;2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine
7) nitrilotris(methylene phosphonic acid);ATMP
9) chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp;CTMP
10) nitrilotris(methylenephosphonic acid);ATMP
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