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nature : commodity called D accelerator. Pure is a white crystalline powder. Bitterpungent sweet. Density 1.13. The temperature of 147 ° C to 148. Commodities density 1.12 ~ 1.20. The temperature of 145 ° C to 149. Soluble ethanol, acetone and benzene-soluble carbon tetrachloride, almost insoluble in water and petrol. Stability in the air. Mainly used for rubber vulcanization accelerator, the system is also used to dye. Pure reagents used as a benchmark. From N, N'-diphenyl-thiourea in the presence of ammonia oxidation lead, with metal oxides derived desulfurization, or by Cyanogen Chloride role with aniline derived.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Diphenylguanidine
2) diphenylguanidine
3) 1,3-Diphenylguanidine
4) (vulcanization)accelerator D;diphenyl guanideine
5) (vulcanization) accelrator D;diphenyl guanidine
6) 1,3-Diphenylguanidine;N,N'-Diphenylguanidine;sym-Diphenylguanidine;Melaniline;DPG
7) Guanidine;Carbamidine;Iminourea;Aminoformamidine;Aminomethanamidine;Carbamamidine
8) guanidine;carbamidine;iminourea
9) guanidine;carbamidine;iminourea
10) guanidine;carbamide;iminourea
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