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nature : the state charged atom or atoms. By atoms (or molecules) to be lost or electronic form. Take charge of ion Yang said cationic or positive ion (cation; Positive ion). With the anionic ion said anion or anion (anion; Negative ion). For example, sodium atoms Na lost electronic form with a flat charge of Shenyang sodium ion Na + / sup>. Chlorine atoms to be a form of electronic units with an anionic chloride Cl - . Ion exist in many compounds (ionic compounds) and the solution (electrolyte). The nature and ion atoms (or molecules) are completely different in nature. For example, sodium atoms of sodium metal is silver-white, water-intense reaction to the generation of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen; Sodium has no color, no water reaction. Another example is the free state of yellow-green chlorine gas, irritating odor and toxicity; Chloride has no color, no smell, no toxicity.

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