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(vulcanization)accelerator;rubber accelerator;vulcanization activator
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : short accelerator. To promote the role of sulfide material. Curing time can be shortened, lower temperature curing, curing agent to reduce the amount of rubber and mechanical properties. There agent for inorganic and organic catalyst for two major categories. Inorganic accelerator, in addition to zinc oxide, magnesium oxide using a small amount of lead, the other mainly for help promote agent. The current use are organic accelerator. Variety. Thiofide with bitterness, some (such as vulcanization accelerator M), to make some change products (such as vulcanization accelerator D), some are vulcanized role (as vulcanization accelerator TT), or both are old role or peptizer role (as vulcanization accelerator M). According to the role of speed and can be divided into slow, medium-speed, speeding, speeding, speeding-promoting agent. In addition, the results for sexual agents. Mainly sulfur and nitrogen organic compounds, formaldehyde amines (such as vulcanization accelerator H), guanidine category (such as vulcanization accelerator D), Autumn Lamb category (such as vulcanization accelerator TT), thiazoles (vulcanization accelerator M), Et2NH2DDC salts (such as procuring vulcanization Progressive ZDMC agent), Xanthogenate category (such as vulcanization accelerator APPLICATION OF ZBX TYPE), thiourea (vulcanization accelerator NA-22), sub Alkylsubstituted (vulcanization accelerator CZ). General accordance with the specific circumstances of individual or mixed use.

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More Detailed Data:
1) cure accelerator
2) (vulcanization)accelerator D;diphenyl guanideine
3) (vulcanization)accelerator H;urotropine
4) (vulcanization)acceleratorAZ
5) (vulcanization)accelerator CZ;N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide
6) (vulcanization)accelerator DM;2,2'-dibenzothiazole disulfide
7) butylaldehyde-aniline condensate
8) (vulcanization)accelerator ZBX;zinc n-butylxanthate
9) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
10) accelerator;accelerating agent;promotor
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