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nature : from the body's own synthesis of biological catalysts. Most of the enzyme chemical composition of the protein. Now identified more than 3,000 species of the enzyme, in which hundreds have been crystallization. Enzyme with high catalytic efficiency and highly-specific features, but vulnerable to acid, alkali and high temperature conditions, making the protein denaturation and lost catalytic activity. Only some enzymes decision on its protein structure, urease, protease, amylase, fat enzymes. Some of the enzyme protein enzyme cofactor combined with a complex enzyme, called on the whole, the catalytic reactions, the enzyme protein decision enzyme reaction specificity, and the supporting factor directly to the electrons, protons or some group in transmitting role. Based on the nature of the role can be divided into hydrolase, oxidoreductase, transferase, lyases, isomerase, synthetic enzymes category. Widespread application of proteolytic enzymes, lipase, glucose oxidase, catalase enzymes. The immobilized enzyme is coupled to the artificial enzyme is not soluble in water vector, and maintain long catalytic activity, making the process continuous, simplistic. Enzymes in physiology, biochemistry, medicine, agriculture, industry and other areas is of great significance. The past people have thought that all the enzymes, proteins are inherently In recent years, experiments found some ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules can have the enzyme activity, protein catalyst is not the biological composition of the material only.

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More Detailed Data:
1) enzyme
2) coenzyme
3) coenzyme
4) holoenzyme
5) zymogen;proenzyme;preferment;enzyme precursor
6) exoenzyme;extracellular enzyme
7) isozyme;isoenzyme
8) exoenzyme
9) isoenzyme
10) zymogen;proferment;pre-enzyme
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