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nature : in a specific form of restrictions and transfer of material separating the two-phase interface. Films can be gas, liquid and solid phase or combinations of them. Also can be a neutral or wires. Its thickness from 0.1 microns to several millimeters. Involved in a variety of membrane material and multiple structures, with different purposes. Membrane technology has been extensively used in the production and research.

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More Detailed Data:
1) membrane
2) biomembrane;microbial film;biofilm
3) biomembrane;biological membrane
4) plasma membrane;plasmalemma;cell membrane
5) liquid membrane
6) nuclear membrane
7) cell membrane
8) dense membrane
9) bionic membrane
10) porous membrane
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1) Blown asphalt for waterproofing work and method for production thereof
2) Delayed coking process for producing free-flowing shot coke
3) Process and catalyst for removing arsenic and one or more other metal compounds from a hydrocarbon feedstock
4) Method and apparatus for rapid heating of fuel reforming reactants
5) Borate ester lubricant additives
6) Stable particulate composition comprising bleach catalysts
7) Micro chamber for cell culture
8) Red pigment originated from Hahella chejuensis, having algalcidal effect
9) Preparation of endodermal stem cells
10) Method and compositions useful for the prediction of blood-brain barrier permeation