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carboxylic acid
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : alkyl and linked to the carboxyl compounds. One yuan is a carboxylic acid formula RCOOH (R representatives alkyl or H). Carbon number of liquid and high carbon number is solid. Carboxylic acid with acid, alkali with the role of the Sino-derived and salt, and alcohol esterification starting role from Ester. According to the alkyl carboxylic acid which can be divided into different (1) fatty acids (aliphatic acid; Fatty acid), carboxyl and lipid (environment) alkyl connected. HCOOH such as formic acid, acetic acid CH3COOH. (2) aromatic acid (aromatic acid) molecule containing nuclear aromatics (benzene ring or thick) carboxylate. The aromatic acids can be linked to the carboxyl-fang nuclear, such as benzoic acid C6H5COOH can also be linked to the aromatic side chains, such as acid, cinnamic acid C6H5CH = CH2CHCOOH so. Aromatic acid are generally difficult to dissolve in water solids.

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More Detailed Data:
1) carboxylic acids
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6) thiazolecarboxylic acid
7) azodicarboxylic acid;azoformic acid
8) imidazolecarboxylic acid
9) perfluorocarboxylic acid
10) propiolic acid;2-propynoic acid;acetylenecarboxylic acid;carboxyacetylene;propargylic acid
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